Beingfulness: why you will love the 10 Beings.

This is a course that can change the way you experience life. 

It won't change the content of your life but might radically change the way you experience that content. 

Beingfulness is a simple step-by-step form of daily meditation practice that brings some clarity and enjoyment into your day-to-day experience. It's free from Buddhist jargon. Requires no previous experience. And is profoundly enjoyable. 

From the comfort of your own home, you can join me, Alistair Appleton, in my home, and we'll explore the 10 Beings that make up the course. Take a look at the video to find out more. 

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to hear Alistair talk about Beingfulness

Enjoying our Being. Fully.

There's something amazing and wondrous about human Being. The fact that there is something rather than nothing. The light of awareness clicks on when we wake and snaps off when we sleep. The feeling of being "you" with all its up and downs. The whole kaleidoscope of physical feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories and the flux of sense perceptions. 

It's intense and magical. If we let it sink in. But often our thinking minds (and our meditating minds!) want to control that magic. There's a part that longs for it. But there's another that is afraid. 

Beingfulness brings back the magic. Brings back sacred awareness into our lives which are often pummelled by worries, financial concerns and emotional entanglements.

Beingfulness starts simple, stays simple, ends simple. But weirdly, in the simplicity, we get to appreciate and savour the incredible complexity of our lives from a simplified space. 

Nothing in our life has to be changed except the way we experience it! 

The Structure of the Course: the 10 Beings

There's 50+ video teachings, 40+ guided meditations, quizzes, surveys, transcripts and extra resources. Click on the + to unpack the content of each section

  • 1
  • 2

    BEING AWARE: Put the needle on the record

  • 3

    BEING ANCHORED: The Joy of Anchors

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being Anchored

    • INTRO: The anchor and the boat

    • OVER TO YOU: Getting Anchored (Lying Down)

    • OVER TO YOU: Upright anchoring

    • POST PRACTICE: Anchors aweigh!

    • QUIZ: Are you all adrift or well-anchored?

    • RECORDINGS: Guided Anchoring

    • GO DEEPER: Alistair on the three anchors and their two stages

    • GO DEEPER: How pleasure keeps us going

  • 4

    BEING YOU: The Four Fields

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being You

    • INTRO: Sifting through Object #1

    • OVER TO YOU: Lying in the Four Fields

    • POST PRACTICE: Being the BEST you can be

    • OVER TO YOU: Brief Sit in the Four Fields

    • QUIZ: Have you done. your field work?

    • RECORDINGS: Guided Practice for the Four Fields

    • GO DEEPER: The Power of the Four Fields

    • GO DEEPER: Four fields makes things weird and shifty

  • 5

    BEING EMBODIED: Entering the Somatic Tent

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being Embodied

    • INTRO: The first field - the Body

    • OVER TO YOU: The Somatic Tent

    • OVER TO YOU: The 7 Cycles of the Body

    • POST-PRACTICE: The Tent and the Cycles

    • QUIZ: Are you feeling embodied?

    • RECORDINGS: Guided Practices for the Body Field

    • GO DEEPER: The Art of the Tent

    • GO DEEPER: The Refreshing Upflow

  • 6

    BEING EMOTIONAL: The Affective Landscape

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being Emotional

    • INTRO: Stripping back emotions

    • OVER TO YOU: Emotional Mapping

    • OVER TO YOU: The 7 Core Emotions

    • POST-PRACTICE: The Map and the Wheel

    • QUIZ: Are you feeling it?

    • RESOURCES: The Emotional Field

    • GO DEEPER: Recognising the wash of emotion

    • GO DEEPER: The Karma of Emotions

  • 7

    BEING SENSUAL: The web of the senses

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being Sensual

    • INTRO: The web of the sensuous

    • PRACTICE: A Sense Smörgåsbord

    • GUIDE: Walking with Senses

    • QUIZ: Did you hear, smell, taste, feel, see it all?

    • RESOURCES: A seated meditation and guide

    • GO DEEPER: The senses are the gates to the Universe

  • 8

    BEING THOUGHTFUL: Enter the Imaginarium

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being Thoughtful

    • INTRO: Experiencing your thoughts

    • OVER TO YOU: The Thought Safari

    • POST-PRACTICE: Enter the Imaginarium

    • OVER TO YOU: Fourfields Fruit Machine

    • QUIZ: Do you think you grasped it all?

    • RECORDINGS: The Mental Field

    • GO DEEPER: Alistair's theories on early thinking

    • GO DEEPER: Video compilation of Q&As about thinking

  • 9

    BEING KALEIDOSCOPIC: Aerating the four fields

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being Kaleidoscopic

    • INTRO: Moving in the four fields

    • OVER TO YOU: The Kaleidoscope Practice

    • POST-PRACTICE: You are not the four fields!

    • QUIZ: Where does the self live these days?

    • RECORDINGS: Living kaleidoscopically

    • GO DEEPER: Living like a field

  • 10

    BEING SELF-AWARE: The Fifth Field

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being Self-Aware

    • INTRO: Introducing the Fifth Field

    • OVER TO YOU: The Fifth Field Practice

    • POST-PRACTICE: The power of the Fifth

    • QUIZ: How do you feel about what you've learned?

    • RECORDINGS: The Fifth Field

    • GO DEEPER: What's the point of the fifth field?

    • GO DEEPER: Cleaning the 5th Field

    • GO DEEPER: "My fifth field is empty!"

  • 11

    BEING OPEN: The Big Open Field

    • OVERVIEW: What you're going to learn in Being Open

    • INTRO: Stepping back into the Big Open

    • OVER TO YOU: The Big Open

    • POST-PRACTICE: Opening the back wall of the theatre

    • RECORDINGS: Finding the Big Open

    • GO DEEPER: The space of love

    • GO DEEPER: The Theatre Teaching

  • 12

    BEGIN BEING: What next?

    • CLOSING: A life more beingful.

    • FEEDBACK: We want to hear from you!

    • RESOURCES: for practice and community

Social proof: testimonials

“Like the simplicity of Beingfulness. Becoming aware of how I am... and noticing those changes ...moment by moment”


“I love the simplicity of these Beingfulness practices. I find them easy to access and remember. I also love that nothing has to change, that it's all about observation and acceptance....and stuff does change. I always feel brighter and yet grounded by the practices.”


“What I liked about the Beingfulness practice is the structure of the BEST acronym as an aide-memoire and the metaphor of the fifth field of awareness being like standing at the back of a stage in a theatre and being aware/witnessing/experiencing the production and the elements/people/auditorium involved in that production. Very powerful.”


“I like the anchors in Beingfulness as they remind me to come back to my senses whenever I feel anxious, overwhelmed or fearful. The aspect of breathing is the most beneficial when I first started mindfulness meditation with you. ”


“Taking these basic Beingfulness understandings into everyday life has been insightful, useful ways of reminding myself that emotions or thoughts are parts of real experience, coming from me, rather than oppressions pervading reality. ”


Be fully human with Beingfulness.

Join the community of online Beingfulness meditators.

Meet the instructor

Alistair Appleton

Alistair is a broadcaster, psychotherapist and meditation teacher. He's worked for the BBC for more than 20 years, works as a UKCP accredited therapist in Brighton, UK runs Mindsprings, his therapeutic meditation organisation which teaches body-based and Buddhist solutions to many of our everyday problems. Since 2004 he's been running popular meditation-based courses on many subjects: helping people with anxiety, dissociation, stress. working with mental health in the LGBTQ community. exploring the growing field of embodiment and somatic practices. teaching Buddhist practices for mental health and well-being He teaches in England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland and the Netherlands.

Study with Alistair: the 10 Beings

You can spread the cost. Just £25 a month over half a year.

We want the course to be accessible for everyone.

In these difficult economic times, please do write and let us know if you would like to join the course but are struggling financially. Just drop us a line to find out about bursaries and scholarships. If you're able to pay the full fee, you'll be helping support those who might find it a stretch. So thank you!


  • When does the course start and finish?

    Beingfulness starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Beingfulness is the practice for life, so you get my support for your whole lifetime! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. I encourage you to work through it as many times as useful and re-visit it often.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    I don't want you to be unhappy at all! Beingfulness is about finding the joy in life. So, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and Mindsprings will give you a full refund. But I'm confident that you'll be very happy indeed to have discovered our work.

  • How much time am I going to have to commit?

    I'm not going to lie. Beingfulness is not a magic pill that works instantaneously. Like all forms of meditation it works to gently and permanently change the way our brain is wired. Away from habits of confusion and suffering. Towards spaciousness and enjoyment. And that does take time. I recommend relaxing and working with the practices over 10 weeks, taking around 25 minutes a day to really make them yours.

  • Are you qualified to teach this?

    I have been teaching forms of meditation for more than fifteen years. First when Lama Yeshe Rinpoche from Samye Ling allowed me to teach on Holy Island and then in dozens of venues all across Europe since 2004. I have studied with a number of great Buddhist teachers. And I am also a fully accredited psychotherapist with the UKCP.

  • I want to take the course but I don't know if I can afford it?

    I know that money is an issue for many of us. And at Mindsprings our inspiration is to help everyone whether they're wealthy or not. We think that we have priced the courses fairly and ask those who can afford them to help those who can't by paying the full course-fee. And there's a payment schedule to help spread the load. However, we also have a number of bursaries available to those struggling financially, so please contact us to ask about financial aid. (The contact button is below).