In the dark time of the year, create inner light

In the northern hemisphere, the last few weeks of January are some of the toughest times psychologically.  It's dark and cold and Spring still feels a long way off. It's a perfect time to explore the yogic practices that generate inner warmth. Daniel  and Alistair are holding a long-weekend (22-24 January) of online practice doing just that.

Daniel will be helping us explore the experience of agni or inner fire and using yogic breathwork to open up the inner space of the body.

Building on that, Alistair will encourage us to explore how this warmed-up inner space can expand our sense of self. Moving from the spinal core outwards. 

Two days of spacious practice. Warm and friendly instruction. Mostly in silence. All contained in the Mindsprings community Zoom Room

Scroll down for timetable, pricing, team and more... 

Watch Intro Video

Daniel and Alistair speak about the retreat

Countdown to retreat!

We start on Friday evening on the 9th October

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The Team & the Schedule

Daniel and Alistair are leading this retreat together - sharing the teaching and the space-holding. The emphasis of the retreat will be on sitting mediation, not on yoga asanas. Though there will be some gentle stretching to keep us comfortable in our bodies. 

Rough timetable:

Starting  at 6pm, we have a welcoming circle,  a break and then a longer session on Friday evening

Then on Saturday and Sunday:

7am- 8am: Early morning yoga + silent sit  

8am-9am: Breakfast break

9am- 1.30pm: Daniel and Alistair teaching

1.30pm - 3.30pm: Lunch self-practice, rest

3.30pm - 7pm: Practice

7pm -8pm Supper time 

8pm-9pm: Sitting practice

We're pricing this in a new way...

Rather than charge a fixed price we wanted to offer a range of prices, from a low concession rate to a 'supporter' rate. Take your pick! (NOTE: there's no Covid discount on this retreat)