Your body has the key to beating anxiety

Anxiety is a real problem.

It's not imaginary and it can be really damaging. And you don't have to be experiencing full-blown panic attacks to suffer from the web-like impact of anxiety. Compulsive behaviours, addictive habits, low mood, dissociation, depleted energy: all of these can flow from our anxious core. 

But we don't have to be anxious.

Modern discoveries around the autonomic nervous system give us the key to metabolising the chemistry of anxiety safely and with growing confidence. 

Learn to master uplifters and downshifters and keep your anxiety in check. Alistair and Daniel help you exit the anxiety trap in this short accessible course. 

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Daniel & Alistair talk about the course

Read what previous participants have said...

“This course was a complete eye opener for me. I'm so glad that I signed up as Alistair and Daniel have taught me how to recognise and cope with the many anxious moments that have plagued me through my life. I particularly liked the ' shaking the tree' and the breath work. All done with great care and compassion. I now have a 'survival kit'. Thank you both so much.”

“Understanding the purpose of fear and anxiety from the perspective of the body helped me to shifting anxiety out of my thoughts. Instead of 'thinking' to manage my anxiety I have now learnt body-based techniques that work immediately. This new approach is wonderfully empowering and so easy to learn and then most importantly incorporate into my life.”

“Simple in its practicality, nourishing and adapted to 21st century pace of life. It's a delight to let yourself relax in the warmth Alistair and Daniel give so selflessly”

“This course was like bathing in support and comfort. The teachings were stimulating and gave me a key to my own reactions and how to work with them. And they were delivered with humour and patience. Thank you Alistair and Daniel for offering this truly essential course.”

“The course is very helpful in translating cutting edge ideas in neuroscience and psychology into grounded practices for everyday use.”

“I really enjoyed and benefitted greatly from the course, both on a personal and professional level. Not only has it given me a lot of practical ways of managing my own anxiety but also, as a person-centred psychotherapist, it has provided me with additional tools that I feel I can use in my therapy practice in a person-centred way with clients who are experiencing anxiety. ”

Course curriculum

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Rather than charge a fixed price we wanted to offer a range of prices, from a low concession rate to a 'supporter' rate. Take your pick!

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"Mastering the Monsters of Anxiety" and "Transforming the Trigger Thoughts”

More about Alistair and Daniel

Alistair Appleton

Alistair is a broadcaster, psychotherapist and meditation teacher. He's worked for the BBC for more than 20 years, works as a UKCP accredited therapist in Brighton, UK runs Mindsprings, his therapeutic meditation organisation which teaches body-based and Buddhist solutions to many of our everyday problems. Since 2004 he's been running popular meditation-based courses on many subjects: helping people with anxiety, dissociation, stress. working with mental health in the LGBTQ community. exploring the growing field of embodiment and somatic practices. teaching Buddhist practices for mental health and well-being He teaches in England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland and the Netherlands.

Daniel Martin


I have been practicing yoga for 20 years. It was a supplementary technique taught to me as I trained to be a contemporary dancer and it has been a big part of my life ever since. In 2018, I completed my 500hr yoga teacher training at Abhayaranya Yoga village in Rishikesh, India. And currently, I am also studying at the Minded Institute to be a Yoga Therapist. Alongside this, I have also completed my levels 2 and 3 in counselling skills at the Brighton Met College and also plan to continue studying a full masters programme to become a Psychotherapist once I finish my studies with The Minded Institute. I have an intense passion for yoga and am loving learning how these techniques  can be applied specifically to support populations struggling with their mental and physical health. I have particular interest in working within the LGBTQ+ community and also looking to work within the Prison sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the commitment for the course?

    As all materials are online you can commit as much or as little as you want. You are welcome to join the Mindsprings Anxiety community and join the monthly Zooms there as part of this course.

  • Can I trust you with something so sensitive?

    Alistair is an accredited psychotherapist regulated by the British UKCP board. He has more than 8 years of experience teaching this course to many hundreds of people. Daniel is a fully trained yoga teacher and a trainee Yoga Therapist with the Minded Institute. However, we know that anxiety can make us very vulnerable and we would never want you to feel unsafe. If you have any doubt about the suitability of the course then please contact us with your questions. (The contact button is above!)

  • Couldn't I just read some books and do this on my own?

    Yes, of course, book-learning is great. And we have both studied a great deal in the field of psychotherapy, yoga therapy, neuroscience, human physiology and Buddhist psychology. But as we'll explore, anxiety breeds in our thinking mind. And getting some direct coaching on how to stay in the body and find non-thinky ways of dealing with anxiety has been a breakthrough... So let us save you time and dead-ends by sharing our experience direct...

  • I want to take the course but I don't know if I can afford it?

    We know that money is an issue (and a source of anxiety!) for many of us. And at Mindsprings our inspiration is to help everyone free themselves from anxiety - whether they're wealthy or not. We think that we have priced the courses fairly and ask those who can afford them to help those who can't by paying the full course fee. And there's a payment schedule to help spread the load. However, we also have a number of bursaries available to those struggling financially, so please contact us to ask about financial aid. (The contact button is above).

  • Is this course psychologically safe?

    If you're suffering from really severe anxiety and are worried about your safety, then you should see your doctor and ensure that you have medical support. Normally, I teach these courses in person, and as a therapist I can help people if difficult material comes up. But this course is an online course. Both Daniel and myself will be avialable during the breaks if you are encountering difficult material. The weekend is a gentle one - not designed to provoke root anxieties but to explore ways of natural soothing. But please prioritise your safety when deciding to sign up.

  • Will my anxiety really go away?

    As we explore in the course, anxiety is a natural feature of being a human with a thinking mind. Humans will always trigger their innate fear and panic systems with their thinking. But this course can really diminish the amount of unnecessary anxiety and stress we create and give us a method for metabolising the painful chemistry of fear and panic in our bodies. We CAN live with way less anxiety than we do now and it is possible for you

  • Will these changes last or is it just a quick fix?

    The simple answer is: the longer you do the practices, the longer the anxiety will stay away. As we know, there's no magic bullet. And these practices change the way our brains are wired and the way our body-chemistry works. That's an organic process and takes time. But when we have the support of the insight and the practice, then the 'penny drops' and we stop doing the things that unconsciously make us more anxious. Over time that makes anxiety an occasional visitor rather than a permanent partner.