Brighten the mind, enjoy the world

After many months of isolation and lockdown, many of us are moving back out into the post-pandemic world. 

Warmer summer weather (in the northern hemisphere) and more socialising will hopefully lift our spirits. But brightening our minds still remains crucial. Bright, open, inquisitive and centred minds are what will make us all thrive in the post-Covid world. 

Invest in your mental health by joining Alistair and Daniel for a gentle, friendly online retreat from Friday evening to Sunday evening exploring some of the core practices of Beingfulness together.

Our retreats are very popular, here are some reviews of our past events:
"I wasn't sure about an online based retreat however it worked a treat."
"I really enjoyed learning the simple exercises and found it really helpful knowing others were there practicing too."
"I loved it; it made me feel great; both physically as mentally."
"I feel so blessed to have found Alastair & Daniel. You are both wonderful teachers and all-round beautiful human beings.Thank you for sharing your gifts with me." 

Scroll down for timetable, pricing, team and more... 

Watch Intro Video

Alistair talks about the retreat!

Countdown to retreat!

We start on Friday evening on the 16th July 2021

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The Team & the Schedule

Alistair will be leading this retreat supported by Daniel. We will begin each day with some gentle embodiment practices and then move into Beingfulness meditation. You can find out more about Beingfulness here

Rough timetable:

Starting at 7pm, we have a welcoming circle,  a break and then a longer session on Friday evening, ending around 9pm.

Then on Saturday and Sunday:

7am- 8am: Early morning yoga + silent sit  

8am-9am: Breakfast break

9am- 1.30pm: Practice and  Alistair teaching

1.30pm - 4pm: Lunch self-practice, rest

4pm - 6pm: Practice

6pm -7.30pm Supper time 

7.30pm-8pm: Sitting practice

We're pricing this in a new way...

Rather than charge a fixed price we wanted to offer a range of prices, from a low concession rate to a 'supporter' rate. Take your pick!